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Perhaps you know a lot about wine? Perhaps you know a ton about spirits? Maybe you’re a new sales rep? Or maybe you’re a seasoned one? Perhaps you run a winery or distillery? Or do you manage a portfolio or a team of salespeople?

Well, if you recognize yourself in any of the above descriptions, this is the place for you.

Welcome home!

This is Ah So Insights, a place where wine and spirit professionals can breathe deep the fresh air of new ideas. If you believe the glacial pace of change in this industry is unacceptable, this is where you belong. This industry is long overdue in recognizing that emotional intelligence and diversity should be more highly valued. The beverage alcohol business has also been slow to adapt to technological changes and new mental models from other fields.

So, what can you expect from Ah So Insights?

  • A roadmap for new salespeople. Let’s face it. No matter where you land your first gig, this job doesn’t come with much in the way of training. Luckily, there’s no need to figure it all out from scratch. Let Ah So Insights be your mentor.

  • Best practices for experienced managers and salespeople. Design smarter incentives, size up your competition, price your products properly, and find and hire talent like a pro. Pick up MBA skills when you don’t want to bother with reading the Harvard Business Review.

  • Great ideas from other disciplines reimagined for the wine and spirit biz. Wine and spirits are boring. People and the things they do are interesting. Learn from people outside of the (Champagne) bubble.

  • Techniques for wineries and distilleries working with importers and distributors. When you recognize that speaking to a brand or portfolio manager once a month isn’t getting the results you desire, Ah So Insights offers ideas into improving your business beyond the cellar door.

  • Thoughts on branding: products, people, and companies. Because we’re all snowflakes and owning who we are isn’t as simple as having an Instagram account.

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This is everything you won’t find in The World Atlas of Wine. This isn’t a three-part podcast about Italian terroir (complete with ads for Casper mattresses). This is your fast track to doing what you do smarter, better, and different. This is what others are reading on their phones during a general sales meeting. Welcome to a better way to avoid eye contact with your colleagues.

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