Spring updates, gift card contests, and more...

What's happening in the world of Ah So Insights

Wow! It has been an incredible month. Ah So Insights’ soft launch has been nothing short of a phenomenal success. Thanks to you all, my early readers and supporters.

The first few weeks have seen a diverse and wide-ranging readership from across our industry engage, discuss, and share these musings. There have also been a few office hour meetings with career changers, spirit exporters, and wine distributors.

So, what now?

Our official launch

Starting Thursday, April 15th, only paid subscribers will have full access to Ah So Insights’ content. This includes past posts as well as future ones which will come out three times a week. They’ll also be able to book office hours at their convenience. Free subscribers will still receive a select newsletter once a week.

Win a gift card and a yearlong subscription

To help spread the word, follow us on Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn at @ahsoinsights. Contests will be announced via those channels mid-month so join us there for the opportunity to win gift cards from Astor Wines & Spirits, Cocktail Kingdom, Chambers Street Wines, and Flatiron Wines & Spirits.1

Join me on Instagram Live

Still can’t get enough? Come join me Instagram Live @Vignetocomms this Friday, April 9th at 4:00PM EST. I’ll be chatting with Susannah Gold about my #PandemicPivot and what Ah So Insights hopes to accomplish. Hint: it’s a lot.

Doing well by doing good

Ah So Insights is being built on the simple idea that the wine and spirit industry is better when its stakeholders and the communities they participate in are better to each other. With that in mind, here are four small changes Ah So Insights has committed to:

  1. Giving back: 10% of subscription profits support the Restaurant Workers’ Community Foundation. This is donated on a monthly basis. In March, Ah So Insights contributed $25 to the RWCF. It’s small, but it’s a start. Giving is easier when it’s built into your business model.

  2. Diversity: It’s possible to talk about and push for diversity even as a company of one. In fact, it’s necessary. How? While we might not have employees (yet), we do have vendors. Ah So Insights purposely seeks to support women-, BIPOC-, and LGBTQ-owned businesses. We currently have three vendors and all of them fall under this umbrella. So, if you need an attorney, illustrator, or social impact advisor, shoot me an email and I’ll make an introduction.

  3. Accessibility: While it’s only been month, I’ve been asked multiple times why a subscription to Ah So Insights is so inexpensive. The answer is simple: keeping things affordable makes sure that those that need the most help are able to access it. Additionally, Ah So Insights is happy offer free subscriptions to board members, advisors, and employees of wine, spirit, and culinary non-profits. Does this sound like you, a friend, or colleague? Just get in touch.

  4. Transparency: Ah So Insights will never advertise or use affiliate links. Sure, I could review a book and use a special link to Amazon, so that I get a little kickback, but Jeff Bezos doesn’t need my help growing his company. When there are no conflicts of interest, you know Ah So Insights can’t be bought.


“Must be 21 or older to enter” and all that fun legal fine print will appear on the actual announcements.